Kansas Computing Services, 785-256-5918 (Topeka) and 913-660-9554 (Kansas City), providing a wide range of hardware, networking, and software consulting, installation, and repair services to businesses and residents in all of Kansas and western Missouri, parts of and now Texas!  Located in Topeka, Kansas.

About Us:

Kansas Computing Services is owned by Cory Zipperle, a 25-year veteran in the computing industry.  He has a wide array of experience with all kinds of computer hardware, software, and networking devices and methods.  He has worked on everything from the common household computer to the robust business workstations  and small business and enterprise class servers.

Please browse our site to learn more about how e can help you with hardware, software, and network solutions, including:

Website and Email Hosting: - Our servers boast 99.9% guaranteed up-time an unparalleled spam filtering by SpamSoap.  You’ll rarely have to deal with that silly ”[spam]” tag that is so commonly found in today’s “spam filtering” products.  Instead, you’ll get a single email each day with a very short list of questionable items that you can either release into your mailbox or delete.  Our web hosting and spam cleaning will ensure that this headache all but vanishes.

Recycling: If you have a computer or computer hardware that you would like to dispose of, please call us!  We pickup and provide safe recycling services for your unwanted computer equipment including monitors, mice, keyboards, printers, and anything else you can think of.  Every computer will have its hard drive removed and erased using standards that conform to Bruce Schneier’s algorithm, Canadian OPS-II, DoD 5220.00 M, Gutmann’s Algorithm, German VSITR, HMG IS5 Baseline, HMG IS5 Enhanced, Navso P-5329-26 (RL) Navso P-5329-26 (MFM) NCSC-TG-025, Russian GOST p50739-95, US Army AR380-19, US Air Force 5020, the One-pass Zeros method and the One-pass random characters method ensuring that your data is never seen again.  After all your data is cleared, your old equipment will be turned over to a professional recycling company.


With so many options to choose from, knowing what to buy can be a daunting task.  Will a cheap computer work, or will you benefit from a more expensive and  powerful machine?  How do you know that the company you are buying from has a good reputation?  Kansas Computing Services works with a wide array of computer and computer part vendors ensuring that we’ll help you make the best decisions to help you reach your goals.

Unlike most companies that are obligated to sell only the products that they have in stock or those that they are contracted to sell, we only promote the products that have a long track record of good customer support and good product reliability.  If you already have preferred vendors, we are perfectly willing to work with them.  There’s no need to change if you don’t want to.

When you hire Kansas Computing service for your home or business, you can count on us to conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and even ask questions that you might not have thought of yourself.  This will help us ensure that you have the right computer for your software, your budget, and your personality.


These days, networks are almost commodities.  Just about every house has some kind of network, and even if you have just one computer connected to the Internet, you have network.  As common as they are, and as easy as they can be to set up and use, sometimes networks can misbehave.  Even worse, improper setup can attract visitors who don’t have your best interests at heart - including those who would sell your most private information to the highest bidder.

Additionally, networks that are poorly setup can contribute to extra downtime where you can’t use your computer(s) and reduce productivity.  My goal with every network installation is to minimize the risk of downtime and maximize speed with the clever use of hardware, vitalization, and planning. Proper installation can easily reduce to a few minute the amount of downtime that used to last for hours.


Labor: All computer networking and consulting services run $40 per hour.  There is a two hour minimum for every job.  For Topeka and Shawnee county businesses and residents, the clock starts once I am on site.  For everybody else, the clock starts when I depart for your location.  For emergencies (Gotta have it fixed NOW!) the rate is double time.  I will always tell you if a job that will cost double time before arriving to do the work.

Rates and per diems may change for multiple-day projects that require more than an hour or two of drive time.  This will all be negotiated in advance, ensuring that there are no surprises.

Parts: To keep prices down and to ensure access to inventory, I do not stock any parts.  Instead, parts are purchased from local or online vendors on an as needed basis and depending on your budget.  I do not charge extra for parts unless you are paying with a credit card in which there will be a $.50 + 5% fee added to the price of the parts to cover credit card transaction fees.  Whatever I pay for something, you pay too.

Hosting:  I provide a wide range of 99.7% spam free hosting and email services.  Prices vary on the number of email boxes you want and other requirements for your web service.  Please contact me to discuss your hosting needs.

Recycling:  Recycling rates are $10 for each computer or computer peripheral and $25 for each computer monitor.  All recycling pickups have a $20 minimum charge.  ALL data will be destroyed according to Bruce Schneier’s algorithm, Canadian OPS-II, DoD 5220.00 M, Gutmann’s Algorithm, German VSITR, HMG IS5 Baseline, HMG IS5 Enhanced, Navso P-5329-26 (RL) Navso P-5329-26 (MFM) NCSC-TG-025, Russian GOST p50739-95, US Army AR380-19, US Air Force 5020, the One-pass Zeros method and the One-pass random characters method before turning the computer over to a professional recycling facility.

Software:  Hardware may be the core of what drives your computing experience, but software is what we interact with each time we use our computers.  Sadly, software can be more difficult to manage than the hardware.  Even with the most perfect hardware, software doesn’t always like to play nice.  In fact, most of the problems in nay computer comes down to poor software management and configuration.

We have extensive experience in working with various types of software including specialized medical databases such as PodMED and Avimark, several different accounting packages such as Quickbooks and Bureau of National Affairs’ document software, church data  bases products such as Servant Keeper by Servant PC Resources and ACS by ACS Technologies.

We also have extensive experience with all the Microsoft operating system platforms both for workstations and servers, Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu desktop and server, Debian, and Fedora Core.  Then there are the common applications like everything in Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Google Docs, various email applications such as Thunderbird, Outlook express, and Outlook.